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Turkish Towels cost less!



Turkish towels are often considered a luxury item, and many people think they are too expensive for everyday home use.You may have encountered them in a 5-star hotel and wished you were rich enough to afford them for your home.

But when you break it down, shockingly enough Turkish towels are actually less expensive than normal domestic towels. Normal towels simply don’t last as long, after a few washing they often get scruffy, edges get frayed the colors fade and they just look worn out. Sets of domestic towels tend to wear out unevenly so most people end up with miss-matched towels, different makes, different colors bought at different times.

Turkish towels are made from long fiber cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey. This is a unique type of cotton that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This longer fiber in spinning yarn means few joins, fewer joins creates stronger and smoother cotton threads. The end result is a towel that with proper care will last many years longer than cheaper towels.

Turkish cotton has a nice natural sheen and tends to get softer and fluffier with each washing. So a quality Turkish towel will actually look and feel new years after your purchase. Turkish towels are famous for having the perfect balance between absorbency and softness and since they are a higher priced item more care is taken in the construction. Top quality Turkish towels like the ones sold on turkishcottonluxury.com are double-stitched along the lengths to avoid fraying and for added stability.

So when you break it down a top quality Turkish towel with double-stitching and the unique stability of the long fiber Turkish cotton will last two or three times longer than a lower quality towel. So the higher initial price is misleading when you consider how long a set of good Turkish towels will last.

Not only in the long run is the Turkish towel less expensive, the superiority of the towel is apparent with every use. There is a reason these are the exact same towels used in 5-star hotels and spas, they not only look great they flat out feel better on your skin.


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