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About Turkish Towels:



Turkish Towels:  

Long ago in a small town called Babadag, in the mountains of Southern Turkey a master rug weaver decided to create a towel that was revolutionary. Most towels at the time were woven to be flat, but he decided to improve on this by weaving loops into the towels the same way he used loops in his rugs.

The result was the modern turkish towel. Turkish towels are harder to make and use more expensive material than traditional towels. Due to the expense, scarcity and import costs genuine turkish towels for the past hundred years have been reserved for royalty or the very rich. But in recent years things have changed drastically the internet has made the world a small place and opened to a worldwide market genuine turkish towels at a affordable price.

All the towels on our site are 100% genuine and made in the legendary towel producing town of Denizli, Turkey. This is where the world’s finest cotton for towels has been grown since ancient times. You don't have to royalty or ultra rich to own the finest turkish towels in the world anymore. And you don't have to search the mountains of Turkey to find them. We have them on sale here. 


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